46 Yok Olan | Is Ezo finally waking up?

46 Yok Olan | Is Ezo finally waking up?
Ceyla witnesses an important moment regarding Ezo
Episode 6

An anonymous caller lets Murat know that he can actually get to his father’s murderer. How will he respond to this opportunity of having the answers to his most sought out questions and avenging his father’s death?

Ceyla opens up to Murat about herself, letting her guard down this much for the first time ever. How will she feel when she remembers that night?

The truth behind Selin’s secret mission in Bursa is slowly revealed. She meets her police chief for the first time in Bursa after what happened. How will this meeting go down?

Doğan feels uneasy about the research conducted on Selin’s follower. Trying to block Selin so that he doesn’t get caught, what will Doğan do to stop them?

Is it finally time for Ezo to wake up from her long sleep? Ceyla witnesses a crucial moment for Ezo...

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