The Return : The legend of Orhan Yarımcalı keeps spreading

The Return : The legend of Orhan Yarımcalı keeps spreading
Orhan and Kemal help each other without knowing they are father and son
Episode 8

The infamous Orhan Yarımcalı starts getting on the nerves of İstanbul’s other big names and they want to stop him. Meanwhile Orhan deals with his family and Leyla. Oblivious that Kemal is actually his son, Orhan manages to save his friends with Kemal’s help. Musa will be surprised to see the men he thought he killed alive and in front of him so he wants to find out how they made it. Kemal blames himself for what happened but Orhan picks him up. Adile discovers Veli and Sanem’s big secret. Orhan still doesn’t know how his father was killed.

In the meantime, Oğuz Doğu arrives to keep track on business but he finds Orhan standing in front of him. The truth behind officer Yıldırım slowly surfaces. Murat gives Orhan his full support with his knowledge and manners. Orhan will find out what secrets Leyla kept from him and he will have to make a difficult decision.

With his justice and place next to the innocent, the tale of Orhan Yarımcalı will continue to travel around as he tries to keep his family together...

The Return is on Atv May 6th at 20.00