Back Streets | The Team fight for their future as Hüsnü clings to life

Back Streets | The Team fight for their future as Hüsnü clings to life
Hüsnü's kidneys are failing and he is taken into surgery
Mesut, Hakan and Ali are on their way to where Maruf’s signals are detected. Yet someone else is also after Maruf to kill him: Kadir and a huge number of his men. Expecting an alone Maruf where they go, the police crew finds Kadir and his armed men in the middle of nowhere and without police back-up. Mesut and his team fight for their lives. Meanwhile Suat, Nazike, Metin, Tekin and Zeliha keep waiting outside the Intensive Care Unit. Hüsnü’s condition gets worse as his blood pressure drops and his heart rate elevates. Taken into the OR for an emergency surgey, it is reported that one of Hüsnü’s kidneys is failing and if he doesn’t have better function soon, then Hüsnü’s chance of survival is rather weak.

Tekin is devastated and as Mesut approaches to console him, Tekin blows up on Mesut like a volcano. Infuriated, Mesut goes to the police station and partakes in Kadir’s interrogation without Rıza’s knowledge. As Maruf manages to escape one more time, Kadir declares he knows nothing. With each question left unanswered, Mesut gets even madder and Kadir ends up passing out during interrogation. Hüsnü’s deteriorating condition and Mesut looking like the convict puts the police team in a bind. At a crossroads, the team swears to stand up and fight till the end. Survival may be challenging, but resistance is imperative...
The 400th episode of Back Streets is on Kanal D this Friday at 20.00