Love For Rent | Ömer plans a romantic 'abduction' for Defne!

Love For Rent | Ömer plans a romantic 'abduction' for Defne!
Ömer knows Defne is hiding something so this is him using his natural charm for discovery ^_^ 
Episode 45

Defne’s house is put on the market despite their every effort. Believing that she will stop the house sale no matter what, she does everything to hide the problem from Ömer yet she does a poor job. Ömer notices she is hiding something from him.

Fikret is literally gone! With her departure, the project for opening up a new store hangs in the air. Yasemin is back at Passionis and they are now both colleagues and lovers with Sinan. However, ex-couple Yasemin and İsmail run into each other out of the blue. How will Sinan react to this coincidence? Meanwhile, Sude is sick and tired of the reckless treatment she gets from Sinan and she starts spending all her time with Deniz. What’s ‘the duo’ up to now?

Defne and Ömer just can’t enjoy some alone time together. Finally Ömer takes Defne away, and to a rather noteworthy place too!
What’s the surprise that will hit Defne’s blind spot and threaten to reveal her big secret to Ömer?

New episode on Star this Friday at 20.00!