Black Rose | Narin's poor decision affects everyone

Black Rose | Narin's poor decision affects everyone
Narin panics as guilt gets the best of her
Episode 120

Kadriye cannot find a way to stop her son therefore she starts threatening Kendal’s authority by underlining that he is not a Şamverdi. Kendal can’t keep his calm about this so he openly tells Kadriye that if she reveals the truth, then he will kill everyone she cares about. Feeling trapped, Kendal keeps attacking everything and everyone around him.

In the meantime, having discovered Kendal’s connection o Fırat, Narin is involved in an argument against Kendal. Yet Kendal tells her she is just as much to blame as he is. Baran also verbally attacks Narin for her role in putting Maya and Rüzgar in jeopardy, Narin is filled with guilt: she panics and makes the most misguided decision of her life. Her poor decision will act as a heavy blow to everyone around her, especially in Ebru and Baran’s lives…

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