Intersection | Enver walks in like a storm...

Intersection | Enver walks in like a storm...
Enver's arrival brings chaos, grief and confusion into everyone's life
Episode 18

Shocking everyone with his return, Enver manages to meet Feyza despite Tarık’s every effort. Feyza is suddenly brought back into the very house where she shared a life with Enver and her memories come flooding back.

Meanwhile, Murat has successfully infiltrated into the Karasu family and earned their trust, especially from Tarık and Feyza. Yet, Kaan witnesses a whole another and worrying side to him. Naz comes running for help when Kaan feels in danger.

Umut gets the blueprints of the car from Ali Nejat after he collaborates with Murat. What happened between Umut and Neslihan bring them closer. Neslihan wants to warn Umut against Murat yet Umut is in no condition to pay attention to the severity of the situation. Ali Nejat and Enver’s encounter brings all the pain and grief of their past back...

All new episode of Intersection is on Fox this Thursday, May 5th, at 20.00