Wedlock | Yekta tries to clear his name

Wedlock | Yekta tries to clear his name
Yekta is still charged with Ebru's murder but this time he has a plan.
Episode 19

Yekta tries to convince that Aylin is he is being framed and that he didn’t kill Ebru. He will either have to convince İdil to testify to clear his name or prove that Ebru is still in fact alive. He faces the risk of losing everything if he gets charged with murder. He is infuriated with the idea of Aylin living a life of her own. Lawyers Sabri and Yılmaz present him with a third option. If he says yes, he’ll be free but he will also leave behind everything he believes in. Yekta uses his wits to set all three options into motion. From then on, every single person is just a pawn playing his game, his way.

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