Endless Love | Russian Roulette with a Turkish Twist

Endless Love | Russian Roulette with a Turkish Twist
Boys and their dangerous games...
Episode 29

Kemal encounters Emir in his private sphere with a gun in his hands so something needs to be done about Emir. He will have to say yes to however Kemal wants to settle scores. They decide to play a game of ‘Russian Roulette’ but with a Turkish twist: they’ll shoot at each other. There is only one person who can stop this dangerous gamble and it is Nihan: who is oblivious to Kemal’s presence at her house...
Kemal will prove to Nihan, to Emir and to everyone else that it was Emir who made Nihan go back that night. Kemal is after what leverage Emir has over Nihan. After a research, Kemal encounters an important name.

Meanwhile, Vildan is quick to forget the promise she made to Ozan if they returned home. She gives Zeynep a hard time through her suspicions. Zeynep, on the other hand, again uses Ozan as a way out and punishes Vildan by forcing her into something she’d never desire. Vildan will have to make peace with Zeynep’s parents in honor of their grandchild and organize a dinner event. Although Hüseyin and Fehime refuse the offer at first, the fact that their daughter is pregnant soften their judgment. Yet, they have 2 conditions: the dinner will take place not at their ostentatious mansion but at their humble yard, and Nihan and Emir are absolutely uninvited from this event. Vildan agrees.

As Kemal continues his research, Nihan also holds her end of the deal with Emir and sustains their deal that guarantees Kemal’s safety. Unaware of the dinner party, Emir learns about it by incident and gives Nihan a chance to play her role a little bit more realistically. Nihan will have to play her part in front of Kemal’s entire family, in front of Leyla and Asu, at Kemal’s house where she was never welcome and as she has to look Kemal directly in the eye... Nihan’s only ‘faux pas’ brings Kemal face to face with a situation he didn’t expect the least bit.

All new episode on Star, Wednesday May 4th, at 20.00