Poyraz Karayel | Divided and Heart-Broken

Poyraz Karayel | Divided and Heart-Broken
Both Poyraz and Ayşegül try to heal from their break-up 
Episode 56

Poyraz made the greatest sacrifice by removing Ayşegül from his life so that she doesn’t get into trouble with the police. Yet they both suffer from immense heartbreak. Poyraz’s only hope and distraction is to bring down the drug cartel and reunite with Ayşegül. To make this happen, Sadreddin works as a rat and carries information to Poyraz from the cartel. When he hears the possibility of a huge delivery, Poyraz and the police organize a raid. Yet this operation is enough to make Neşet suspicious of an inside man. Hence, he ambushed Poyraz and his men slowly and surely. In the meantime, through someone she’d never expect, Ayşegül is about to discover surprising things about her new job and Neşet...

New episode on Kanal D this Wednesday at 20.00