Winter Sun | Efe tries to push Nisan away

Winter Sun | Efe tries to push Nisan away
He uses Efruz to do that, not knowing Efruz loves him too...
Episode 11

As he deals with Seda on one side, Efe tries hard to push away Nisan on the other, despite the fact that he loves Nisan deeply. Nisan is willing to risk everything so as not to lose this love and she ends up telling Efe that she loves him. Efe uses Efruz to push Nisan away, not knowing that Efruz is also in love with him. The notebook which is Efe’s last hope for finding a clue about his father’s and brother’s murderer, is empty and useless. Yakup rests assured that he erased all clues—until a clue even Yakup doesn’t know about surfaces coincidentally. The truth is now exposed and neither Yakup nor Mazhar will be able to deny it. It is now Kadim’s turn to seek revenge...

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