Bandits | Everyone's devastated after the accident

Bandits | Everyone's devastated after the accident
Hızır is suspicious about the accident
Episode 34

The family has to endure an incredible amount of pain each day. This time the biggest sufferer is Enişte and Civciv. The accident on the way to their new hope devastates the entire family. The fact that Ayşen, who waited to have a baby for years, and her cousin Hatice was in the same car only adds to their grief. It is again only the innocent who pay the price.

Even though the accident looks a lot like an incident, Hızır Çakırbeyli is not convinced. He thinks that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stalling his transportation business. Özkan’s addition to the table and the fact that Fikret showed up to avenge his sibling make Hızır all the more curious. Hızır suspects Ünal Kaplan’s role in this in particular as Ünal is always the mastermind behind such schemes.

Bandits is on Atv on Tuesday May 3rd, at 20.00