Life Song | Melek searches for baby Bahar

Life Song | Melek searches for baby Bahar
Melek takes Nilay and the two go to their village for some answers
Episode 13

Müfit learns from Bayram that Zeynep sold the house. He starts searching for the buyer and finds out it is Cem. He will face both Cem and Zeynep about this deal between the two. Seeing that he can get into trouble easily, Cem threatens Zeynep and Hülya, saying that if he gets into trouble then so will they. Melek and Nilay travel to their old village to find Bahar. A resident of the village, Hatice hears of their arrival and tells her brother Bayram that the baby is missing. They are anxious that this might be their own grandchild...

New episode on Kanal D, Tuesday May 3rd, at 20.00