Broken Pieces | Cihan wants divorce to be with Ayşe

Broken Pieces | Cihan wants divorce to be with Ayşe
Cihan now feels ready to be with Ayşe, however he is shocked to find out about Dilara and Harun's relationship
Episode 64

“He is not your child”
As Harun and Dilara get ready to embark on their own journey together, Maide’s phone call changes everything. Maide claims that Demir Alaz is not Harun’s child; he is Cihan’s son.

“Cooperating with Candan”
Dilara has no idea that confessing to her son Ozan that she loves Harun will result in an Ozan-Candan collaboration. Cihan is furious as intimate photographs of Ozan and Candan surface.

“I want a divorce”
Meanwhile, as his love for Ayşe grows fonder each day, Cihan tells Dilara he wants a divorce. As Dilara is overjoyed, Cihan discovers that Harun and Dilara are actually seeing each other.

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