LadyVille | Ferit tries to win İlkgün back

LadyVille |  Ferit tries to win İlkgün back
Ferit feels bad about how his friends treat İlkgün and goes after her
Episode 2

İlkgün gets mocked by Ferit’s friends for being a villager and she runs away. Ferit feels awful about what his friends did and goes after İlkgün. Yet İstanbul is a big city.
Meanwhile, Ferit’s father meets Reşat to sell his property at the village as Koptagel disguises himself as Ferit and meets İlkgün’s father Düzgün. Reşat stalls Fikri and underpays him for his stuff, though Düzgün tells Fikri that he can pay Fikri whatever he wants. Düzgün feels very fond of Koptagel, whom he thinks is Ferit. When Ferit’s father finds out about it, he takes Koptagel with him and goes to the village to sell his property to Düzgün.
In the meantime, having returned home, İlkgün gets a surprise just when she gave up on her love of Ferit.

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