Black Heart | Emre and Ece now have an understanding

Black Heart | Emre and Ece now have an understanding
The two now know that nothing will ever be the same for them 
Episode 3

Mine gives Ece a hard time while Ece remains silent. Mine then starts seeking out an opportunity for a final blow. Emre has an interesting conversation with Coşkun who interrogates the sabotage in the organ transplant procedure. Coşkun keeps his calm about the incident. Cevher Arman now takes an interest in Feyyaz Yamaner. While Cevher tries to threaten Mahir through Feyyaz; Feyyaz chooses not to remain so soft and threatens back subtly. Rüzgar goes to a mysterious place to complete a mission Feyyaz gave him. The person who greets him is focused on the envelope Rüzgar carries. Rüzgar is a nervous wreck. Ece talks to Emre in the company of a spectacular view and the two look each other in the eyes. As both think nothing will ever be the same again, they are startled by a sound. After the drawing Kaan did on the wall, Sıtkı gives Kaan a phone number but Kaan doesn’t put much thought into it. Mahir goes to his solitary place, oblivious to what awaits him. He desires to remember his past, until he too hears a sound. Will Kaan try that phone number? Who thinks Emre is a gold mine and what’s his deal? What direction is Eylül and Ece’s relationship taking?

New episode on Show TV at 20.00 this Saturday, April 30th.