Back Streets: Hüsnü fights for his life

Back Streets: Hüsnü fights for his life
Everyone hopes for a miracle as Hüsnü is critical
Episode 399

Suat, Metin, Tekin and Zeliha rush to the hospital after Rıza’s call. Hüsnü is in the ambulance getting first aid from the medics. Things Mesut hears in the ambulance drives him mad as Selin tries to calm him down and Hakan consoles Aylin as much as he can. Ayla and Pınar also arrive at the hospital. Ali takes Hakan and Reşat to the hospital while Aylin calls Yavuz and tells him to come to İstanbul as soon as he can because Hüsnü is in a critical condition. Hüsnü is reported to have lost too much blood as doctors work hard to save him. Suat hears not-so-bright things from doctors and it is Mesut’s job to help him keep it together. Meanwhile Hüsnü’s heart crashes and he is given electro-shock for resuscitation. Yet Hüsnü doesn’t respond. Everyone is devastated... -and then Reşat comes to the hospital.

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