The Return: Orhan fights an internal battle

The Return: Orhan fights an internal battle
Meanwhile, Leyla makes a decision between Orhan and Musa
Episode 7

Just as amber forms itself by transforming resin beneath the soil, Orhan also transformed itself with the pain he kept hidden inside. He punished Musa by shooting him in his solid foot. It is now up to doctors to foresee if he’ll ever be able to walk again. The situation has serious impact on Musa and the entire Bozoğlu family. Just like 20 years ago, Leyla is caught in the middle of an Orhan or Musa dilemma. Her decision between the two will shock everyone. Known for his humane behavior and strong conscience and for standing up for the underdog, Orhan is agonized for having made the oppressor the suppressed. Murat will be the one to save him from his personal hell. Oğuz Doğu returns to Mudanya, thinking he will now rule and manage from there. Meanwhile, Murat wants revenge. As Orhan has a battle against his own soul, it is again Musa who’ll put him to test.

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