Wedlock | Yekta’s freedom depends on İdil’s testimony

Wedlock | Yekta’s freedom depends on İdil’s testimony
Aylin still doesn't feel alright about Yekta and his relationship with Ebru
Episode 18

Yekta’s only chance of getting clear from the suspicion of Ebru’s murder is the possibility that Ebru might be alive. Yekta goes after every clue, biggest one being İdil. Yekta slowly starts to suspect İdil and Ebru are partners in crime. If İdil talked to Ebru and testifies so, then Yekta can be cleared. Yet suddenly İdil disappears and she is nowhere to be found.

No matter how hard Yekta tried to make her believe that he was doing a sacrifice for her son, Aylin has a hard time coming to terms with Yekta’s relationship with Ebru. As Yekta concentrates on the trial, Aylin receives a package from an anonymous sender.

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