Poyraz Karayel | Bahri finds out Sadreddin had Ayşegül shot

Poyraz Karayel | Bahri finds out Sadreddin had Ayşegül shot
What's Sadreddin's punishment going to be? 
Episode 55

Poyraz saves Sadreddin from being shot at the last minute. Yet, as Neşet planned, Sadreddin assumes Poyraz is the one trying to have him killed. Poyraz is now aware that someone is playing a dangerous game with them. He also finds out Neşet is the one who helped Ayşegül escape from the hospital. Poyraz learns where Ayşegül is but he doesn’t have the courage to face her. Ayşegül, on the other hand, wishes desperately for him to come find her. Yet when he finally does go to her, he will say things Ayşegül never expected. Bahri finds out that it was Sadreddin who had Ayşegül shot and it is complete destruction for him. He will obviously not go without punishment. Will Bahri be able to vote his own son’s execution?

Poyraz Karayel is on Kanal D this Wednesday, April 27th, at 20.00 


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