Diriliş Ertuğrul | What will become of Turgut in the hands of Noyan?

Diriliş Ertuğrul | What will become of Turgut in the hands of Noyan?
Noyan captures Dündar and Yiğit
Episode 56

Noyan captures Dündar and Yiğit via the information he obtained from Saadettin Köpek. Ertuğrul and his warriors can’t do anything to stop Noyan and despite Ertuğrul’s every effort, he gets away once again. Meanwhile, Boğaç keeps carrying information to Saadettin Köpek. Also, Sungur Tekin replaces Gündoğdu as overlord. He talks to all the warriors about their new term together as their new overlord.

Tuğtekin, who still doesn’t feel comfortable moving to the Byzantine border on Ertuğrul’s advice, talks to Sungur Tekin about the situation. Ertuğrul returns to the nomad camp and notifies the people about Noyan kidnapping Yiğit. Upon getting these news, Halime panics and passes out. This triggers an untimely birth and Halime gives birth prematurely. Ertuğrul and Halime now have a babyboy together. Ertuğrul names his son ‘Gündüz’. With the information Boğaç brings him, Saadettin Köpek makes new plans of his own.

What’s in the letter Saadettin Köpek sends to Konya? What awaits Turgut in Noyan’s captivity? What conversation do Turgut and Yiğit have? Why does Saadettin Köpek visit the nomad camp? What mission does he give Sungur Tekin? What comes as a shock for Tuğtekin?

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