Aile İşi | Hakan and Müjde try to stay away from each other

Aile İşi | Hakan and Müjde try to stay away from each other
But the rest of the 'family' members will do everything to bring them back together
Produced by NTC Medya, written by Özgür Evren Heptürk and Ferhat Ergün, and directed by Jale Atabey, Aile İşi (‘Family Business’) stars Ufuk Özkan, Pelin Akil, Hasibe Eren, Sait Genay, Gülay Baltacı, Murat Akkoyunlu , Can Bonomo, Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Osman Wöber, Şafak Karali, Mine Kılıç, Utku Ateş, Michaela Melek Dede, Naz Ar, Denizhan Akbaba, Melisa Lara Cantez, Toprak Çerçioğlu, Ali Rıza Şahenk and Bülent Çolak. Aile İşi tells the story of 7 complete strangers, who would never do anything together under normal circumstances, acting as if they were family for a little girl who has no recollection of her past.

Episode 10
Hakan and Müjde try to stay away from each other after a series of misunderstandings. The remaining members of the ‘family business’ get together to try everything and bring the two together. Arif goes after what proof Sami has against him in the court. Emel encourages Mülayim to make amends with his children. Yet the outcome is disappointment for Mülayim so Emel acts with a method of her own.

Staying overnight as their guest, Cumali somehow manages to wreak havoc on the ‘family business’ house. Meanwhile, Ziya tries so hard to deal with Leman and her exhausting jealousy.

Aile İşi is on Atv, Wednesday, at 20.00


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