Time of Departure | Cennet juggles three crises at once

 Time of Departure | Cennet juggles three crises at once
Güneş remains silent about the carpet saboteur 
Episode 13

The carpet everyone was eagerly waiting to see is shredded into pieces. The only person who saw who did it is Güneş. Yet he doesn’t say a word. All of Cennet’s hardwork goes to trash.

The exhibition that has great importance for Yılmaz and Artem’s career as businessmen will now have to presume without the carpet “Hand of Heaven”. As Koçeri Holding expects a great loss of reputation and prestige; Cennet’s next move changes everything.

Zümrüt’s much-awaited school life is put into jeopardy with huge defamation and misunderstanding. Her education’s future now lies between the faculty’s dean’s two lips.

The only disaster Cennet has to manage isn’t the carpet incident. Her house and her restaurant is also at risk and the reason for all of these is quite obvious. After finding out about the reasons, Cenned will have to choose between making a radical decision and putting up a fight.

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