Bandits | Hızır has a new plan of his own

Bandits | Hızır has a new plan of his own
He'll have Ünal Kaplan's death voted
Episode 33

Hızır Çakırbeyli has had enough with all the games going on behind his back. It is high time he dealt with his past dues. Now, people need to vote for Ünal Kaplan’s execution. Trying to ensure this execution, Çakırbeyli has one big question mark in his mind: what will Özer vote for? Meanwhile the government’s reaction, who made a deal with Ünal Kaplan, is of great importance.

Nazlı showed up with her baby in her arms at the family house and it complicates everything. Nazlı has a desire to know what the future holds for her and her baby yet she will receive the biggest reaction from someone she doesn’t expect at all...

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