Winter Sun | Efe marries Seda

Winter Sun | Efe marries Seda
Efe has to say yes to an unhappy marriage to save his true love. Meanwhile, Seda has plans of her own. 
Episode 10:

Nisan finds the notebook with the secrets written in it. She thinks she can stop Efe and Seda’s marriage this way. Yet Seda falls down the stairs and plans change. Either Nisan goes to jail, or Efe marries Seda and saves Nisan. Thinking that he has no other option, Efe marries Seda. The bride’s only desire is to turn this on-paper marriage into a real-life romance. Meanwhile, the notebook Nisan found is now with Yakup, who cooperated with Yüksel. Efe thinks they lost the notebook and starts to lose all hope of truth ever being revealed. Efe’s biggest believer Nisan is upset and angry that Efe married Seda. Remembering bits and pieces of his past, Efe suddenly remembers the ring his father’s murderer wore on his finger. The same ring that now hangs around Efruz’s neck...

Winter Sun is on Show TV on Tuesday, April 26th, at 20.00