Heartbreak | Nazlı is heartbroken

Heartbreak | Nazlı is heartbroken
Nazlı rushes to Fırat about good news but he turns her down
Episode 2

Refik is determined to prolong his daughter Nazlı’s life at the expense of becoming a murderer. He crashes his car on purpose to kill both himself and Şükriye, who felt sad for Nazlı and decided to donate her heart. He deactivates the brakes. Refik survives the crash as Şükriye passes. Refik now has to live with this guilt and never tell anyone. Nazlı rushes to the man she loves with the thrill of getting a second chance at life. Yet Fırat shuts Nazlı out because she disappeared a month ago without notice. Fırat now has one sole purpose: to find his mother’s killer. The first person he visits for this mission is none other than Cemil.

New episode is on Show TV, 25th of April, at 20.00