Broken Pieces | The Hardest Part: Love or Family?

Broken Pieces | The Hardest Part: Love or Family?
Dilara has a tough decision to make...
Episode 63

The ‘happy family’ portrait released to the press causes a stir. Ayşe starts to think Cihan leads a happy marriage as he also maintains a romantic relationship with herself. Harun is furious to see his son Demir with Cihan. To top it off, Maide tells him Dilara is just stalling him so Harun rushes to the Gürpınar Residence.
Dilara can’t stop Harun from taking Demir so she and Cansu go after him. The offer that Harun makes Dilara seems like an option but it really is a dead end for her. Dilara will either leave Cihan & their children and go with Harun, or she will never see her baby Demir again...

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