Yeşil Deniz | Neşe decides to end her life

Yeşil Deniz | Neşe decides to end her life
Episode 70

After learning Süleman and Sibel won’t get a divorce, Neşe commits suicide by taking pesticide. Yet from the first moments of the deed, she understands her life isn’t something to be given up so easily. As if sensing the things to come, Emine decides to visit Neşe because she feels like she hurt Neşe’s feelings earlier. She is devastated by the view at her house. On the other hand, İsmail and Yakut are tense about what happened with Feridun. Even though Yakut told him everything, Feridun is still loose and roaming free because the police is yet to capture him. What will happen with Neşe? How will Süleman and Sibel be affected? How will a surprise update put Yakut and İsmail in danger as Ersin and Bahri get ready to have their revenge on Serhat?

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