46 Yok Olan: A Grand Confrontation

46 Yok Olan: A Grand Confrontation
Selin finally says yes to dinner with Murat

Episode 5

This week’s 46 Yok Olan will revolve around Murat’s grand confrontation with himself and with his experiences.

Having avoided looking for answers about what he went through after trying the drug on himself, Murat will uncover lots of details that even he himself doesn’t foresee. He strikes a new deal and everything starts from scratch.

Still haunted by her father’s death, what Ceyla will experience will make her a completely different woman.

Selin, freeing herself of the unrest caused by those chasing her, finally agrees to have dinner with Murat. Yet after a beautiful dinner, she is caught off-guard by a surprise.

New episode is on Star on Sunday at 23.00