Black Heart | A surprise awaits Demir and Emre...

Black Heart | A surprise awaits Demir and Emre...
What's the surprise that awaits them at the hospital?
Episode 2

An accident... 2 killed... and lives torn apart. The reality behind what Coşkun considers to be an ordinary accident is shocking. Demir and Emre are taken aback by a surprise at the hospital they went to for organ transplant. Mine corners Ece and Mine’s attitude against this young and beautiful woman is shocking. Tension between Mahir and Feyyaz escalates. Feyyaz may remind his son who the Yamaners are in light on Mahir’s clear and determined nature. Ece is under Adnan’s close surveillance. After a short-lasting chase, Ece will feel lost upon Adnan’s offer. Mine is blackmailed by one of the biggest Yamaner family nemeses. It is apparent that if she retaliates, she won’t be afraid to handle what might happen to her and on the contrary, she will have further detailed plans. Emre and Ece experience an intense fall-out as Emre keeps patronizing her. The same enemy that blackmailed his own wife now threatens Mahir. How will Mahir respond to this? Who is Coşkun’s surprise guest after the accident? How will Ece say goodbye to Kaan? Who touches Ece’s shoulder in the most unexpected moment?

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