Kertenkele | Ambushed and cornered

Kertenkele | Ambushed and cornered
Kertenkele is trapped inside the mansion by Ünsal
Episode 62

Kertenkele is ambushed in the corner with nowhere to run inside the mansion by Ünsal. Kertenkele comes up with a plan that will not only justify himself but send Sokrat to jail too. But there’s a surprise waiting for him. Meanwhile, Hicabi and Gizem become the talk of the town thanks to Gizem. Father Kadir is determined this time to kill Hicabi after hearing the rumors himself. Black Kemal strikes another deal with Father Kadir. On condition that Kemal finds Sokrat, Kadir will forgive Melis and him. Disguised as Bıçkın Adnan, Melis goes after Black Kemal and Sokrat. On the other hand, Zehra walks in on an inappropriate Kertenkele and Bahar moment and things get awkward. Suspicious that Hicabi is actually Akıncı, Sokrat comes by an important clue. Akıncı’s true identity is about to be revealed...

New episode is on Atv, on 23rd of April, at 20.00