Back Streets: Everyone's devastated as Hüsnü gets shot

Back Streets: Everyone's devastated as Hüsnü gets shot
Hüsnü is shot as the crew rushes to save him
Episode 398:

The police team is shocked as Maruf causes Samet’s death. Maruf is taken to interrogation. Mesut informs Officer Cahit about the situation. Maruf feels at ease during the interrogation as he is not worried one bit. Cahit doesn’t want to believe the things he is told. Things go in natural order as the crime-scene officer and Arda are questioned. Mesut and Hüsnü carry out Maruf’s interrogation and he is sent to the general attorney. Selin and Mesut wait together outside the general attorney’s office. The attorney releases Maruf as he is to be kept under Officer Cahit’s surveillance until the investigator questions him. Feeling brotherly, Cahit takes him to his own home. 

Maruf’s sister Şükran in Haymana, Ankara calls and tells him about her trouble. Maruf and Şükran’s father Selahattin wants to marry Şükran to a man in his fifties. Hearing this news, Maruf goes around Cahit, takes Kadir’s wingman Basri and leaves to save his sister in his own methods. The number one gun smuggler Kadir Yelence’s right-hand man Basri is stopped by the crew. Reaching Kadir is only possible through getting to Basri. Basri is spotted in a face-scanning system on the Ankara freeway. He is with someone but his face cannot be identified. The car they’re driving is confirmed to be a rental and they get an address by contacting the rental company. The address is in a close radius to where Hüsnü is. He goes there with police back-up in the area. They speak to the residence security for more information on Basri. Hüsnü leaves as the rest of the police force remains there. 

Meanwhile, Basri and Maruf come to pick up some supplies at the house. Police officer Oktay recognizes Basri and informs Chief Hüsnü. The Chief returns with a sudden decision and notices the gunfight has already begun. Hüsnü gets shot on his back by Maruf as he tries to save officers Hamdi and Oktay. 
Back Streets is on Kanal D on April 22, at 20.00