The Return | Orhan determined to retaliate

The Return | Orhan determined to retaliate
Orhan avenges himself and his son with a little present to Musa's door... 
Episode 6

Love and vengeance keeps shaking Orhan Yarımcalı’s remaining life and influencing the ones around him. Orhan and Kaan barely escape the trap Musa set for them with the help of the Gemlikliler. Kaan is wounded. Adile wants to settle scores with Musa, so she learns who he is and why he is interested in Orhan and his family.
Determined to make Musa and his men pay for ambushing him and his son, he sends a present addressed to Musa. Maddened by the present, Musa decides to retaliate. Meanwhile, Oğuz Doğu approaches Mudanya.
Adile decides to fix her relationship with Orhan. She goes to Leyla’s place to see her.
Bahar will come clean to Orhan about the fact she cannot confess to anybody else. Mudanya will be the city to witness all this love shadowed by guns and violence.

The Return is on Atv this Friday, April 22nd, at 20.00