Magnificent Century: Kösem | Secret of the Lost Prince Revealed

Magnificent Century: Kösem | Secret of the Lost Prince Revealed
Will İskender be his own mother's murderer?
Episode 23

Kösem tries her hardest to stop Yasemin’s execution after learning she is her sister. Fearing that Safiye will throne İskender, Zülfikar wishes to send him away yet faces his death when Safiye finds out about his plan. Wanting her revenge, Kösem asks İskender to kill Safiye. Oblivious to the truth, İskender acts to kill his own mother. What happens that night changes fates of so many people. Sultan Ahmed’s health deteriorates. İskender’s love for Kösem grows stronger each day. The witness of this love will make things harder. İskender’s secret is revealed as Halime’s worst nightmare becomes reality. Someone unexpected finds out about Mustafa’s insanity. Kösem is shaken with news as she is on her way to royal chambers and things change drastically for Kösem.

Kösem is shocked to find out Yasemin is her sister. After having lost her father to their battle with Safiye, she races to save her sister.

Wanting to end this feud with Safiye, Kösem asks İskender to kill her nemesis. Ignorant of the fact that Safiye is his mother, İskender goes to the Old Palace to kill her. However, nothing will ever be the same after that night.

Prince Osman and Mehmed visit the guild of janissaries. Mehmed’s disrespectful attitude towards Osman in front of the janissary adds to the tension between the two. This tension creates further disturbance as Sultan Ahmed witnesses the problem between his sons.

Sultan’s health gets poorer by the day. Worried about his condition, Kösem will be shaken with more news.

Magnificent Century: Kösem is on Star Tv at 20.00 this Thursday, April 21st.