Intersection | Ali Nejat makes Naz an offer she can't refuse

Intersection | Ali Nejat makes Naz an offer she can't refuse
Naz finally confesses her feelings for Ali Nejat... though not to him.
Episode 16

The Mysterious Enver
The tension between Murat and Neslihan escalates. Murat tells Neslihan that he knows she was sent to the mansion by Enver. Thinking that this information will surely upset Enver, Neslihan talks to Oğuz about it. Oğuz is in fact Enver’s hired man and thus has no intention of helping Neslihan.

Feyza Believes No one
Shocked by the events she is going through, Neslihan blurts out to Feyza during their argument that she slept with Murat. It is nobody but Murat who will calm an enraged Feyza down; the very person behind all this chaos. On the other hand, not knowing that he is about to hand over his share of the company to Murat, Ali Nejat warns Feyza against Murat. Blinded by her feelings to Murat, she doesn’t believe Ali Nejat.

Naz’s Dilemma
Naz has confessed to Feyza that she has feelings for Ali Nejat. Naz experiences a huge dilemma. No matter how much she wants to stay away, Ali Nejat doesn’t allow it. He makes her a grand offer that will change everyone’s lives.

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