Wedlock |Yekta in a bind

Wedlock |Yekta in a bind
Yekta is the #1 suspect for Ebru's murder 
Episode 17
Upon Ebru’s fall into the sea, Yekta finds himself as the number one suspect for murder. He hides their relationship from the police but he can’t stop the news from spreading in the family. Everyone who knew about Yekta’s loyalty to Aylin is shocked. As Yekta tries to convince Aylin to give their marriage one more shot, Aylin’s primary concern as a mother is that her children aren’t safe in that house. Aylin ends up having to choose between staying and leaving. Yekta kicks İdil out of the house to win Aylin’s heart but İdil has a bigger plan.

For fear that he might go through the same things as Duru did, Zafer decides to take Kaan from Yekta. His only leverage is that he is still legally Kaan’s father.

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