Diriliş: Ertuğrul wants to move to the Byzantine Border

Diriliş: Ertuğrul wants to move to the Byzantine Border
Ertuğrul and Noyan face problems
Episode 55

With Gümüştekin and Aytolun’s deaths, the community is finally at peace again. With the arrival of spring, peace manifests with lots of celebrations. Ertuğrul thinks the tribe needs to start migrating both because the traitors are gone for good and the spring is a good time to do so. He reveals his intention of migrating to the Byzantine border to the lords of 2 tribe yet they both reject the idea. Ertuğrul, on the other hand, tells his mother and brothers that if need be, he’ll march to the Byzantine border on his own. Aside all that, Gündoğdu having to leave his leadership position because of his arm upsets Hayme deeply. He goes to Erzurum with his mother to have his arm checked by the healers. Meanwhile, Saadettin Köpek makes plans with Goncagül, who seeks shelter with him. He goads Goncagül and Noyan into hating Ertuğrul. He also requests Noyan to kidnap Yiğit and Dündar before they arrive home.

Will Noyan capture Yiğit and Dündar? What will happen in the Ertuğrul vs. Noyan face-off? What news does Boğaç deliver Saadetting Köpek? What’s happening between Goncagül and Noyan? What’s Yiğit’s shocking decision? Answer all your questions on TRT 1’s hit series Ertuğrul this Wednesday at 20.00, 20th of April.