Bandits: Hızır is running out of patience

Bandits: Hızır is running out of patience
Will Meryem be able to keep her family together?
Episode 32

Ünal Kaplan’s power-play results in yet another destruction. Death haunts Hızır now as he is constantly burdened with the loss of his loved ones, first with Selim’s and then Ahmet’s deaths. Despite the fact all peace is made, nobody fully trusts the other. What was once an environment of loyalty is now a place dominated by betrayal. Hızır is at unease about Moskof Özkan who is to replace Viktor. With Viktor’s arrival, things will only go downhill. Besides all these, Hızır now has to worry about a new plot against him.

Meryem is finally home. It is her sole mission now to turn over a new leaf and keep her family together. There is but one thing left to save: Nazlı and her baby. Nazlı, expected to skip town, shows up at the family house with her baby in her arms and shocks the family as they finally enjoy a Sunday breakfast as a whole.

Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz is on Atv at 20.00 on 19th of April.