Broken Pieces: Dilara has a decision to make

Broken Pieces: Dilara has a decision to make
Harun tries to convince Dilara to become a family
Episode 62

Unpleasant Surprise awaits Cihan
Maide questions Ayşe and Cihan’s relation after finding out that Hazal is Ayşe’s patient. Cihan is shocked after running into someone he didn’t expect after showing up unannounced at Ayşe’s place, wanting to surprise her.

Burhan Vows for Revenge
Upon their reunion, Deniz tells his father all about Rahmi’s role in his mother’s death. Wanting to avenge her, Burhan seeks a way to get involved in Rahmi’s life. Meanwhile, Deniz is well-adapted to being his own boss. He is convinced that Cansu no longer loves him, closing his doors to love.

Maide Causes Trouble
Harun tries to talk Dilara into leaving everything behind and moving in with him to start their new life together. Dilara has to make up her mind now, while Maide feels certain that Dilara is stalling him. As Harun thinks this cannot be the case, one photograph will change everything. 

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