Orphan Flowers: Meral sings a duet with Kutsi!

Orphan Flowers: Meral sings a duet with Kutsi!
This is what seeing Kutsi's dimples does to girls 
Episode 42

Zeyno warns the girls against Cemre’s aunt. Nazan welcomes Seher to her house after she gets out from prison. Hearing about this, Cemre fights with the girls as she pushes herself away from them. Things get worse as she falls for Emel’s trap. Figuring out that Banu is determined to have the baby, Selin puts Banu into a difficult position. After getting an offer to sing a duet with a famous singer, Meral counts her days until she moves into her own place with the money she makes. Seher is in complete terror as she thinks she is being followed by Abbas’s men.
Remember, famous singer and actor Kutsi makes an appearance on this week’s episode of Orphan Flowers!

Catch the episode on Atv this Monday at 20.00