46 Yok Olan: Murat agrees to get treatment

46 Yok Olan: Murat agrees to get treatment
Murat agrees to 'hyde' his side that comes out at night...get it??
Episode 4

Murat finally has something useful after finding out things he never knew about his father’s death. What will the organ mafia do after realizing the man they took for Murat isn’t actually him?
Upon his uncle and Salim’s insistence, Murat agrees to get treatment as he grows more nervous about the things he does at night. However, this time the rage he tries to suppress will surface.
After asking for help from Doğan thinking she is in danger, Selin finally starts to reveal the truth about herself. Be prepared to meet a new side of Doğan you never saw coming.
Ceyla finally musters up the courage to stand up to Murat and face him in finding out if there is anything he kept hidden about her father’s death.

New episode of 46 Yok Olan is on 17th of April at 23.00 on Star.