Baba Can'dır: Emrecan and Ceylan rethink their marriage

Baba Can'dır: Emrecan and Ceylan rethink their marriage
Ceylan and Emrecan second-guess their marriage as they fight over furniture

Episode 34

Michael’s arrival causes chaos. Damla runs away because she doesn’t want to be with Michael. The men going after her capture Damla but she eventually breaks free. Ceylan and Emrecan go furniture shopping and end up fighting over differing opinions, which have them second-guessing their marriage. Haluk does his best to redeem himself but Ece has one condition to forgive him; conditions sure to give Haluk a hard time.

Egemen and Aslı have a fight over having babies. However, there are bigger problems awaiting Egemen and Aslı than about babies. Nermin notices the spark between Damla and Levent, and steps up to make sure this relationship never happens. The same men going after Damla end up kidnapping someone else other than Damla.

Will Haluk meet Ece’s conditions? Who gets kidnapped instead of Damla? How does Michael’s arrival affect the family? Will Emrecan and Ceylan be able to tackle their differences?

Find out on “Baba Can’dır” this Sunday at 20.00 on TRT 1