'Phenomenon': A New Trend of Popularity and Strategy on Television

'Phenomenon': A New Trend of Popularity and Strategy on Television
The cast of 'Phenomenon' bears familiar faces already
12 contestants. Competing to become the most popular face of Turkey. The aim is to become the most loved, admired, supported contestant and to be ‘the talk of the town’ with everything they do, even with what they wear! 'Phenomenon' will set a new trend by combining social media and television.

12 confident contestants will try to increase their followers on social media while they spend 8 hours of every weekday in a house, trying to get to know each other and pick the ‘Phenomenon’ of the week. Each week’s ‘Phenomenon’ will get a grand prize.
The contestants will also vote the person to leave the competition every week. The contestant with the most votes will say goodbye to his/her dreams of becoming the ‘Phenomenon’. After the elimination, someone with or without previous television experience will become the next contestant in the house.

‘Phenomenon’, a competition of popularity and strategy, will start Monday on 18th of April with Öykü Serter as the hostess and will be on TV8 every weekday at 15.45