Time of Departure: Zümrüt is dragged into more drama

Time of Departure: Zümrüt is dragged into more drama
Demir talks to Zümrüt about Yusuf
Episode 12

Cennet and Sevgi survive Handan’s attack thanks to Yılmaz. Meanwhile, as she dodges Yılmaz, Handan gets ahold of something new and powerful that can hurt the Koçeri family.
Zümrüt does everything in her power to stay away from Yusuf after Demir talks to her but she won’t escape the drama she is dragged into.
Changing her mind about divorcing Yılmaz, Sevgi targets Cennet once more. Blinded by jealousy, Sevgi will try everything to corner Cennet.
Koçeri Holding will attend an international fair on carpet business that’s being held in Istanbul for the first time. Yılmaz and Artem, thrilled to be a part of the event, trust Cennet with the restoration of the antique carper they will exhibit at the fair. Cennet handles the task skillfully yet she is unaware of the unpleasant surprise that awaits them.

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