Black Heart: A Story of Revenge

Black Heart: A Story of Revenge
Ece is thrown into the middle of a vendetta that isn't hers. 
On the first episode of Black Heart:
Driven by a desire for revenge, Emre’s life intersects with Ece who pushes through her battle with life as people she loves test her constantly. Emre, who thinks that media boss Mahir Yamaner is the one to blame for the loss he experienced years ago, will plot and scheme incredible things against the Yamaner family. Having lost both her parents years ago, Ece lives with her sister at her aunt’s house. With her psychology degree, all she wants to do is find a job at a hospital and live a simple life with her sister Ada... However, things don’t work out the way she plans and she is shaken with bad news. Her sister Ada is terminally ill and the only way she can survive is Emre.

Emre puts Ece in the middle of his vendetta against Mahir Yamaner. Having enjoyed a powerful presence by way of blackmailing the elites and the bureaucracy, Yamaner family won’t be at ease this time as they will find themselves in the middle of Emre’s perfect-looking plan. It won’t be long until Emre grasps that, by sending Ece to the Yamaner residence, he actually sent her into the lion’s den. What games and tricks will Ece face at the Yamaner household? What mysterious revelation awaits her and how will she handle all that’s thrown at her? What’s Emre’s next plan and will Ece meddle with those plans?

Produced by Aka Yapım, Black Heart stars Barış Kılıç, Tuvana Türkay, Serhat Tutumluer, Gülçin Santırcıoğlu and Kenan Bal.
Black Heart premieres 16th of April on Show TV at 20.00!