Black Rose: Ebru and Narin Cooperate as Mothers

Black Rose: Ebru and Narin Cooperate as Mothers
Ebru and Narin agree to cooperate
Episode 117
Kendal goes after the tape that is sure to lead him to his demise, convinced that as the only witness, Asım is the only one who knows where it is. Is Asım in grave danger because of what he knows?
With Asım’s disappearance, Kendal is the center of attention once more. How will he escape Emine’s wrath? What will Özlem do with the tape that haunts Kendal?
Ayşe and Baran’s romance is put to test because of Nazlı and her brothers… Will Baran’s unlimited faith in Ayşe be enough for her to understand?
Ebru and Narin cooperate for the well-being of their son; completely oblivious to the great storm looming on the horizon.
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