Kertenkele: Akıncı and Gizem in Trouble

Kertenkele: Akıncı and Gizem in Trouble
Zehra helps look for Sokrat's informant
Kertenkele (Lizard) and Zehra try to find Sokrat’s rat inside the mansion yet they end up facing a situation they didn’t see coming. Melis comes up with a new way of hiding from Baba Kadir. Kara Kemal runs into someone he didn’t expect while looking for Melis. Hicabi starts following Gizem who thinks he has a girlfriend and Gizem is well-pleased, realising that Hicabi is jealous of her. 
Meanwhile, Sokrat suspects that Akıncı is actually Hicabi. Falling back to his old routine and obsessing over catching Kertenkele, Ünsal organizes a huge raid to the mansion at midnight. As Kertenkele comes one step closer to being caught, Akıncı and Gizem face death upon Sokrat’s trap.
Kertenkele’s new episode is on 16th of April on Atv at 20.00