Love For Rent: Gallo Must Go!

Love For Rent: Gallo Must Go!
Will Gallo stick around for more?
Episode 42

This week’s episode starts with a magnificent party and everything goes haywire, with the press present at the party.

Ömer needs to leave the city for a seminar and Sinan plans the whole thing as an early honeymoon between Ömer and Defne so they can make peace. Will Sinan be able to convince the couple?

On the other side of the events, Yasemin finally takes action. You’ll be surprised! She does things one wouldn’t expect from her.

Neriman İplikçi chooses her next mission: Fikret Gallo! This is Neriman we’re talking about, she has obviously obsessed over this Gallo girl and she won’t rest easy until she sends her far far away. But where will her plans lead her this time?
Most importantly, Ömer prepares the ultimate surprise for Defne and it will melt every beating heart…

Love for Rent is on Star this Thursday at 20.00, 14th of April.