Magnificent Century Kösem: Brothers' Fight

Magnificent Century Kösem: Brothers' Fight
Osman and Mehmed fight over a slave maiden
Episode 22
Yasemin poisons Ahmed while Kösem suspects Yasemin is Safiye’s spy. Yasemin causes trouble between Kösem and Ahmet. Meanwhile, Sultanahmed Mosque gets a grand opening. Meaning to bond once again with his brother, Ahmed brings Mustafa to the opening. Halime is worried that Mustafa’s lunacy threatens to show. Hümaşah finds out that Yasemin poisoned Ahmed. A young maiden that Osman brings from the slave market causes great tension between Osman and Mehmed and the two engage in a fist fight. Kösem makes a shocking decision regarding Yasemin. As Yasemin falls hopelessly in love with Ahmed without realizing the bitter end that awaits her, Kösem settles scores with Safiye. The truth Kösem discovers about Yasemin descends over Kösem like a nightmare.

Rumors that Ahmed might be dethroned shake Kösem. As she learns about Ahmed’s disease, she suspects Yasemin is Safiye’s spy.

Having found out that İskender is of Ottoman lineage, one of sultan’s sons, Zülfikar is burdened with the truth. Despite the promise he made his wife, he is torn between coming clean to Ahmed and remaining silent. Hümaşah discovers that Yasemin is the one who poisoned Ahmed. Will she ignore this reality for her brother’s future or protect Ahmed?

The maiden Osman saved from the slave market and brought to the harem causes a new conflict between Mehmed and Osman. Kösem’s next move makes the situation worse.

Halime, aims for a strong ally by marrying Dilruba to the Grand Vizier Halil Paşa while Davud Paşa makes a bold move to stop this marriage.

Thinking of Ahmed’s safety, Kösem makes a tough decision about Yasemin. While Kösem is busy thinking she brought Safiye’s plans to a halt, Safiye will make her grandest move yet.

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