Intersection: Ali Nejat's Dream and Murat's Leverage

Intersection: Ali Nejat's Dream and Murat's Leverage
Friend or Foe?
Intersection, Episode 15

Ali Nejat Fights for His Car Project

Umut, whom everyone thinks killed himself, is face to face with Ali Nejat at Karas Holding. As soon as Ali Nejat learns Umut’s reason for being there, he knows Murat isn’t a friend either and makes a decision. Ali Nejat will talk to Tarık one last time and make his dream of making a Turkish car a reality at all costs.

Murat’s Leverage

Upon learning that Umut is still alive, Naz has mixed feelings. She wants to be with Ali Nejat yet she is confused. On the other hand, Feyza has so much faith in Murat that she has no hesitations telling him about Ali Nejat’s business strategies. While Murat stalls Feyza, he also grows close with Neslihan. Thinking she has him wrapped around her fingers, she has no idea Murat’s got a bigger leverage over her. 

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