Asla Vazgeçmem: İclal and Nur get rescued

Asla Vazgeçmem: İclal and Nur get rescued
Nazan tries to make amends
Put to test with the toughest question of his life, Yiğit won’t recover from his situation easily despite managing it. As everybody is content with İclal and Nur’s final safety, the fact that Ridvan escaped means that Yiğit is still at jeopardy as is Fatih. Meanwhile, having returned with the help of the little girl, Nazan continues to annoy Elmas while she tries to make amends with Cahit. 

Witnessing that Fırat and İclal are drawn to each other after their ultimate face-off, Elmas shares it only with Nur. Yiğit grows suspicious of Fırat’s behavior about the kidnapping so he gives Fırat a hard time about it and finally finds out about the truth. 

All new episode of Asla Vazgeçmem is on 14th of April, on Atv at 20.00